Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Main Character: Valeska Nadine

Gonna start posting character profiles here. I'm pretty much just ripping off (bandwagoning with?) my RPGmaker friends with this blog and these character profiles will be similarly knocked off!

Valeska Nadine

Age: 19

Weapon: twin scimitars

Occupation: Nothing spectacular

Hobbies: Video Games, MMORPGs

And here we have our main character, Valeska, an avid MMORPG player. This picture depicts her Avalon Online persona which will end up becoming her standard avatar for the Solarnet (and other than the outfit, she really does look like that IRL). Despite her looks, though, she is actually quite a loser - working a minimum wage job and having a laughable social life. She spends her days hanging around trying out new MMORPGs and otherwise staying away from real life, and hardly goes outside.

Valeska is somewhat jaded and cynical, but she's noble at heart and loyal to her friends (if she can get any that is). She is a free spirit and prefers to keep to herself - a difficult thing, considering that her looks often attract the wrong kind of attention. At the same time, she's somewhat aimless and lost, not really knowing what she wants to do in life. Her consistent playing of MMORPGs on the Solarnet has made her handy with various weapons, though she prefers to use two swords. Through an event in the story, she ends up learning the ability to analyze avatars or beings in the Solarnet and stealing/downloading their abilities, skills or techniques, which becomes her greatest weapon later on. She ends up getting dragged into the chaos of the Solarnet where she finds herself working for people she doesn't really want to work for and fighting battles she doesn't really want to fight. But who knows, maybe she'll find the purpose she's been looking for.

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