Monday, December 8, 2008

Antagonist: Gravitis


Age: 15

Race: Sentient Artificial Intelligence

Weapon: Naginata

Occupation: Ravager Advisor & Second-in-Command

Hobbies: Thinking, Meditating

This is Gravitis, second-in-command of the Ravager and IDL's lover. She was once a sentient defense A.I. of Solarcorp, created the same year the Solarnet was released and tasked with keeping the first pioneers of the Solarnet safe (hence her unusual age). After she outlived her usefulness, she somehow managed to get free and wandered the Solarnet on her own, learning all about humanity and its violent tendencies. She had developed a protective and almost maternal personality due to her former role, and through this she determined that she would save humanity from itself someday. Years later she met IDL, and the two artificial beings formed a bond that they describe as "deeper than love".
Gravitis has a seemingly flat and redundant personality and doesn't show much emotion, due to the fact that she wasn't programmed to be such. Although she has become somewhat more human over the years, it is still easy to tell that she is artificial. She is very analytical and practical and at times seems cold, but ultimately she cares for her subordinates and those close to her. Although her programming has made her a very skilled fighter, she seldom fights, preferring to serve as an advisor or a strategist in Ravager operations.

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