Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holy Cow, an Update!

Yeah so this blog petered out and died off for a while. Well I'm making good on my promise in saying that Convergence never gets canceled, it just gets produced really slowly. To show for it, I've actually made some significant process in the past year or so. Barring the animation of battle sprites, I've programmed every major system into the game, including the battle system, party selector, and skill point menu. Thus, I've actually begun the production of the game (what the crap finally) and to begin with, I started with mapping. I'm trying to give myself a deadline of getting a demo out by the end of the year, since not counting the battle sprites I have all the resources necessary to create a demo right now. So yeah, this project is moving all right.

And to prove that I'm not just blowing out lies, here's some screenshots of the first map I made. This is of the street and the apartment building where Valeska lives, with chipsets provided by fellow creator Dajhail:

The interior needs more work and of course we're missing NPCs right now, but hey I only started this week. Once I get some decent character sprites and backgrounds ready, I'll make a post about the battle system and skill point system. Heh.